What we offer? BCAMCNC  comprehensive in the production, design, manufacturing, trade and service of CNC machine,and provide high quality and good efficienct CNC machines worldwide. With a strong staff team, "Brand BCAMCNC" gained success in CNC Router, Laser cutting machine, Digital cutting table.


A popular, highly configurable CNC router, the BCAM Series is suitable for one-off, small batch production as well as high volume and high productivity applications.

The most configurable CNC router in the industry
Process areas to suit all sheet sizes and budgets
Versatile head and tooling options for all materials and applications
Fully customizable systems are built to order for unique business requirements


BCAMCNC has already established branches in Shanghai , Dongguan, as well as foreign countries, such as Armenia , UK ,Franch , Poland , Germany ,Korea and Georgia,Pakistan,Canada.  BCAMCNC established Dubai Warehouse (Sales&Service Center )  at 2017 ,and Germany warehouse (Sales&Service Center ) will be work end of this years (2018)  . In addition, we have established long-term cooperative relations in the field of laser machines with BCMTECH to develop CNC Package solution .


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What customers are saying about us

I’m a crusty old cabinet maker, far from a computer guru. I’m thankful to be able to send e-mails, that’s about the extent of my computer knowledge. Needless to say I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be smart enough to use your software and run our new CNC machine. The truth is I, in a very short timeframe, am cutting up all my cabinet parts to include arches and a...

I started without any experience in CNC, and have quickly adapted, cutting almost all of our cabinet parts, chairs, dressers, tables on the machine. The cuts that we used to make on the band saw, router, inverted router have been mostly replaced by the BCAM CNC router. It is fast and very accurate. Angles, curves, holes, slots… I guess I’m not telling you anything that you...

What great machine thanks….We received our tool Friday of last week, and were up and running early yesterday. I want to thank you guys for making me look so good, and the many accolades.

Just wanted to shoot you a note that I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the machine. the upgrades of servo, air assist Z, and Columbo spindle were well worth the extra cost. You guys are building a great product.

I have received praise for the wise tool purchase.In my opinion the BCM1325D CNC is far and away the best balance of construction, cost, and performance on the market period.

Hi,machine is running great, love it. I would like to get another dust collector assembly have Mark call me…….

What Customer are saying about Bcam Machine ?


Why Choose BCAMCNC

CNC router wood engraving machine, and CNC knife.

Better Machines with More Features and Better Support


Better Machines (this means better performance, more reliability and longer life)
High-Performance, Highly Reliable Yaskawa Drives (normally only on much more expensive machines)
Full Function, High Performance CNC Control,Network Function , also Support Controler
Designed using State of the Artcam 2016, Ucancam , Type3 , AutoCAD ,Coreldraw (Different machine with different software )
Weldments Fully Stress Relieved (eliminates stress warping and cracking down the road)
Three-Dimensional Laser Compensated (machine is dead accurate everywhere – others can’t do this)


More Features (means more productivity and greater throughput)
QuickCut - Select nested based products from a library at the machine control, resize and cut without the need for external computers or design software – the easiest way to make nested based products.
Extensive Software Compatibility (control accepts output and can even combine files from a wide variety of design software including ProE, Catia, CabinetVision, eCabinet Systems, KCDw, AutoCAD DXF, etc.)
Virtual Service (address any problem from configuration to programming by connecting the control directly to service – fast and really easy)
Automatic Tool Management (manages tooling and tool life – not easy without this feature)
Maintenance Tracking (manages lubrication and routine maintenance based on actual machine use)
Error Reporting (graphically displays location of error and suggests remedy – with others finding and fixing is a nightmare)
Maintenance Videos (on-screen videos guide you through adjustment and repair, More please visit BCAMCNC in Youtube)
Dynamic On Screen Manuals(view and search the machine manual right on the control screen)


Better Support (help when you need it)
In-Depth Machine Training (formal class included with every machine)
Available Online Software Training (learn at your own pace with this ongoing program)
Free Phone Support (as long as you own your machine)
Virtual Service(instantly address virtually anything a service visit can – fast, service cost need to pay)
Free and Open Machine and Software Forums(get help from other users)
Technical Support Visit Direct from the Factory (single source responsibility should you ever need it)
Extensive Spare Parts Inventory with Overnight Shipping(should you ever need it)


BCAMCNC creates innovative, industrial CNC routers that deliver high productivity at an affordable price. Options range from the smaller footprint CNC routers like the Z Series, to the powerful, heavy-duty Pacer Series. Focusing on innovation, customization and exceptional service, BCAM has a CNC router to suit any project, including the general-purpose BCAM Series designed for multiple functions .


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