What materials are suitable for fiber laser cutting?

TIME:01-03 2023

The famous fiber laser cutting machine is the most popular industrial cutting machine in the 21st century. Due to the wide range of processing materials and powerful functions, the fiber laser cutting machine is gradually introduced into the main industries, and its applications include automobiles, electronics, communication, medical and machinery, shipbuilding, aviation and many other fields, and become a very powerful assistant in production. So, for such a powerful laser cutting machine, what materials are suitable for the processing of fiber laser cutting?

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CNC fiber laser cutting machine suitable for cutting materials:

1. Cutting carbon steel plates:

Modern laser cutting systems can cut carbon steel plates with a maximum thickness of about 20 mm, and slots for thin plates can be as narrow as about 0.1 mm. Laser cutting of low-carbon steel has an extremely small heat-affected zone, and the cutting is even, smooth and has good verticality. For high-carbon steel, the quality of the laser cutting edge is better than for low-carbon steel, but its heat-affected zone is larger.

2. Cutting of aluminum sheet and alloys:

Aluminum cutting belongs to the melting cutting, and auxiliary gas is added to impact the molten material in the cutting area, and the better quality of the cutting surface can be obtained. Currently, the maximum thickness of cut aluminum plates is 1.5 mm.

3. Cutting edge of alloy steel:

Most alloy steels can be laser cut and the cut quality is good. However, tool steel and hot die with high tungsten content will corrode and stick to slag when laser cutting.

4. Stainless steel blade:

Fiber laser cutting makes it easier to laser cut stainless steel sheet. With the powerful qilin laser cutting system, the maximum stainless steel cutting thickness can reach 4mm.

5. Cutting other metal materials:

Copper is not suitable for laser cutting, and the cut is very thin. Most titanium, titanium alloy and nickel alloy can be laser cut.

Fiber laser cutting is a development trend of modern society. If your raw materials for production are listed above, you can consider using fiber laser cutting machine, which has higher efficiency, high precision and lower energy consumption than traditional cutting machines.